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It's 4.30 in the afternoon, and Nigel Hanan has finally gotten his girlfriend and his stepdaughter out of the house.

Thank God. He was going a little stir-crazy without Christmas lights and presents and color. Alina was with her biological dad, so that means it's totally time to go shopping for their little family. "Where do you want to eat," he asks, opening the car door for Amaya.
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Nigel had promised to meet Amaya at her house today - and so here he is. Dressed in a hoodie (as he just can't stay warm when he's solid) and a pair of dark, faded jeans, he knocks on her front door.
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Nigel Hanan is sweaty, shirtless, dressed in a pair of battered jeans and a pair of heavy toed shoes that look as old as he is. He's been up out of his grave for hours now, energetically beating the crap out of his precious house. It's looking much better  - it actually resembles a house now! But he's slowly getting Annoyed with the concept of doing it all himself - was he crazy or something? Don't answer that.

But he hears a welcome distraction coming his way, and he turns towards the road, plasters a huge grin on his face, and waits for his Princess.
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Nigel Hanan is a ghost. He lives in haunted woods, outside of Sennyo's garden, and is a confidant of a bleedin' goddess. (Though he wouldn't dare call her such.)

Still, those screams of anguish give him the creeps - and goosebumps.

His house is still barely framed - but he crawls out of his grave, and Expects guests soon.


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